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Communication - whether it is understanding what is said, speaking clearly or fluently and with a clear voice, or having learning or thinking impediments - can be challenging.

These problems with communication may be due to a developmental delay or a learning challenge, a stroke, a head injury or any acquired or degenerative physical or neurological condition.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide effective speech, language and feeding therapy services to paediatric and adult populations.  We offer client-centred and holistic therapy within a multi-disciplinary context.  Our aim is to help each individual maximize their potential and help them achieve the greatest quality of life.  Our goal for each patient is to consult, advise and instruct members of the family and team with regard to specific speech therapy modalities and intervention.

We accomplish this by identifying concerns through specialized and person-friendly evaluations and the development of goals to meet the needs of the client and family caregivers.

We specialize in using both traditional and innovative therapy methods, including a life participation approach, and culturally as well as contextually appropriate therapy - and focus in the treatment of communication and swallowing difficulties linked to acquired and progressive neurological conditions, as well as voice disorders.

Going global with skype

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Therapy on global scale from Spain to Fish Hoek.
If you are too far away to be seen in person, in certain circumstances speech therapy may be possible to be conducted on Skype. We have experienced success in this regard.
Please note: This kind of therapy is only possible under certain circumstances.

What they say

Martin's testimony

Thank you for so readily agreeing to try sessions on skype.

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John's testimony

I was in supposedly good health about a year ago when about 1 o'clock on a Saturday morning I had a stroke in my sleep. My wife (a Nursing Sister) realised there was something wrong with me as I couldn't talk.

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